[WORKSHOP] Playing in the Dark by Gloria Tan

Workshop Synopsis

Your Shadow does not just follow you but is an extension of your physical being, an empty vessel waiting for you, the puppet master, to manipulate. To give it life. To breathe life into. To be your best friend. To allow it to haunt you. It has seen you through your lowest and your highest points, your shadow has seen a lot.

In this workshop between body and shadow, participants will explore what their shadows can do for them, how to manipulate their extended being into telling their stories onstage and how to work with other bodies & shadows as we play both in the dark and light to breathe life into this alternate realm.

About Gloria Tan

GLORIA TAN picked up Bahasa Melayu "off the streets" during her teenage days, and chose to pursue Malay theatre under the tutelage of Noor Effendy Ibrahim while at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

There, she fell even more deeply in love with the Malay language and performed her first malay theatre piece for Teater Ekamatra. Upon graduation, Gloria worked in Malay TV and Theatre, and won Life Theatre's best ensemble for "Bilik Ahmad". She moved on to exploring and working with Indonesians.

Gloria's teenage years were spent listening to Bikini Kill and NOFX and embracing delinquency which sometimes is reflected in her work. Gloria believes that theatre for youths should be for anyone and everyone from any background because theatre can change, shape and heal. Performing saved her, performing is life.

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Sat Oct 14, 2017
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM SGT
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Venue Address
Media Hub @ *SCAPE Singapore
Asian Youth Theatre Festival 2017